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Public Java VNC viewer

VNC is one way to use graphical programs (or a whole desktop) over a network or the internet. You normally run a VNC server on the computer running the graphical programs and run a VNC viewer wherever you want to use them.

This Java VNC viewer will allow you to connect to any web-accessible VNC server after entering the server address, your login, and your password. Java applets run on the client side, so the security risk you run by using it here on my page is that I might have altered the Java applet to send me your login (although I didn't). The applet is from RealVNC although for some reason they don't let you run it as an applet from their page. You can download my copy of the .jar file here.

I mainly put this here for myself so that I can have access to my home desktop from anywhere, but there is no risk in my letting you use it too.