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This is a collection of scripts, programs, and libraries I have written. Everything in this section assumes you have a Unix-like environment (GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, CygWin).

Tutorials and Examples Asterisk Example An example Asterisk PBX configuration
Ultimate Window Manager A configuration for the ultimate keyboard-based window manager
Ultimate Email A HOWTO for the ultimate text-based email setup
QoS Router Example An example of setting up QoS on the OpenWRT operating system
Robust Home Backup A discussion of a very robust home backup solution
Vim video demo Video screenshots of the Vim editor in action
Public Java VNC viewer A publicly-accessible Java VNC viewer
Software Tips and Tricks Assorted Unix/Linux software tips and tricks
Programs ssh-reverse-tunnel Create robust TCP reverse forwards or VPN tunnels through a NAT firewall
extract extract turns code comments describing algorithms into Docbook
Webmaster Tools bot-trap bot-trap is a small and simple package that uses PHP to ban web robots which ignore your /robots.txt file
C Libraries apd apd stands for "Assertions and Printf Debugging"
cpar cpar stands for "C Parameters". It provides higher-level parameter-passing for C
mdarrays mdarrays stands for "Multi-dimensional Arrays for C"